Why Choose LS Tractor?

LS Tractor gives you more standard features, more performance, more warranty and more satisfaction for less money than other brands.

Get More Tractor for Your Money

No one gives you more bang for your buck than LS Tractor. Compare features and you’ll see it’s about more than just price and horsepower. There are no hidden costs at LS Tractor. Our Honest Pricing philosophy means you get more of the features you want as standard equipment rather than having to pay extra for them as expensive options.

Introducing Our Superior 6 Year Limited Powertrain Warranty

While others make you pay extra for an extended warranty for your tractor, LS Tractor introduces a six-year warranty for our MT1 series, XJ series, XG3025, XG3025H, XG3100 series, XR4100 series, XU6100 series and the MT5 series. And just like all LS Tractor warranties, you get a two-year bumper to bumper* protection, plus additional powertrain coverage that includes parts and labor. There’s no deductible, and it isn’t loaded with exclusions. Compare our short, easy to understand, no-nonsense warranty to all the others and see for yourself that LS Tractor has you covered.

* See warranty policy for details

Exceptional Dealers

Our commitment to delivering exceptional customer satisfaction starts with exceptional dealers. Whether you’re a first-time buyer or a seasoned pro, LS Tractor dealers understand your passion for working your land. Our dealers take the time to learn about your needs, explain features and operation, and help you get the perfect tractor and equipment for your specific application.

LG Heritage

We’ve been building tractors at LS for over 35 years. Our company began as part of the highly-respected LG Group, a brand with a worldwide reputation for quality and customer satisfaction. In keeping with that heritage, LS Tractor has won numerous design awards and has earned a reputation for building top quality, high value tractors.